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Evelyn Carnahan (Rachel Weisz) in ‘The Mummy’ (1999)

Welcome to Reading Books in Order!

I’m The Librarian’s Apprentice, the owner of this domain! This website is, in part, inspired by Evelyn Carnahan from The Mummy. One of the most iconic librarians on screen, Evelyn is also famous for inadvertently causing a domino effect of several massive wooden shelves to come tumbling down.

This particular scene represents perfectly the sensation there is when exploring the world of books! It’s rich, it’s always expanding, you try the best you can to fit them at their best place and sometimes, everything collapses! But it doesn’t stop you to go live another ‘book’ adventure’ after!

I’m not a real librarian, but a real apprentice in life, always ready to explore new novels, new authors, and new worlds and to put all those books on the shelves, always rearranging.

Reading Books in Order is about finding a path in this jungle of books, trying to offer some guidance, helping discover some new roads to take (and stories to read), exploring the world of words, their authors, and the beautiful object that the book is!


You can email me at hello@readingbooksinorder.com or simply fill in the contact form below for any comments, suggestions, corrections and more.

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