15 Culinary Cozy Mysteries for a blend of mystery and culinary delights

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Since gourmand detective Nero Wolfe, the protagonist of American mystery writer Rex Stout, the love for food in a good mystery book has only grown. So much so that there are now a lot of cozy mystery series with culinary themes.

In these books, solving the murder is just as crucial as the tasty descriptions of pastries. Some of them even contain recipes so that you would know what to eat before or after a satisfying reading session.

For those you feel the need to devour some books, here is a selection of some tasty Culinary Cozy Mysteries:

Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder by Joanne Fluke

Hannah is attempting to avoid her mother’s attempts to marry her off while still maintaining a successful bakery. But when Hannah’s legendary chocolate chip crunchies are spotted all over the Cosy Cow Dairy’s delivery guy, her life gets even more complicated. Refusing to let a bad reputation spoil her wonderful cookies, Hannah is determined to solve this crime. Part of the very popular Hannah Swensen Mystery Series.

Arsenic and Adobo by Mia P. Manansala

When Lila Macapagal returns to her small hometown, she takes over her family’s Filipino restaurant, only to become embroiled in a perplexing case of food poisoning that jeopardises her reputation. Lila sets out to find the truth behind the contaminated meals with the help of her friends and a gorgeous food critic, unearthing family secrets and murderous motives along the way. Part of the Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery Series.

Honey Roasted by Cleo Coyle

Coffeehouse owner Clare Cosi is preparing for a joyous event when a local chef’s tragic death shocks the neighbourhood. Soon, her ex-husband became the prime suspect and Clare must unearth the truth to prove his innocence. As she dives into the mysteries of the culinary world and navigates a network of suspects, Clare becomes caught in a hazardous game of cat and mouse. Part of the Coffeehouse Mystery Series.

Something For The Weekend by Pauline McLynn

When private investigator Leo Street is assigned a case in County Kildare, She seizes the chance to flee rainy Dublin and her lackluster actor boyfriend. Posing as a participant in a cookery course, Leo quickly realizes that she is unprepared, armed only with a tin opener. As she unravels the layers of marital infidelity and uncovers a web of scandalous secrets, Leo’s culinary challenges mirror her investigation. Will she triumph over the daunting Weekend Entertaining Part 1 and solve the case, or will it all end in tragedy? This book is the first in a trilogy, though this is the only culinary one.

Lemon Tart by Josi S. Kilpack

When a young lady dies abruptly at a neighbourhood bakery, culinary aficionado Sadie Hoffmiller becomes caught in a complex mystery. Sadie goes into the inquiry, unearthing a labyrinth of secrets, personal vendettas, and exquisite delights with her sharp sense of observation and enthusiasm for baking. As she navigates the case’s twists and turns, Sadie must depend on her wit and culinary skills to uncover the truth. Part of A Culinary Mystery Series.

Death by Dumpling by Vivien Chien

Lana Lee finds herself embroiled in a murder inquiry after her parents’ noodle store becomes a crime scene. Lana rushes into the case, determined to clear her family’s name, and discovers a complicated web of secrets and suspicions among her close-knit neighbourhood. Lana’s culinary abilities and dedication prove to be essential advantages in unravelling the mystery as she sleuths her way through the evidence. Part of A Noodle Shop Mystery series.

Earthly Delights by Kerry Greenwood

Introducing another captivating heroine from Kerry Greenwood, author of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, comes Corinna Chapman, a skilled baker and amateur sleuth. Corinna’s routine at her Calico Alley bakery, Earthly Delights, is shattered in the early hours of the morning when she gets a terrifying note and discovers a needle in her cat’s paw. Corinna must solve the problem while balancing her baking chores as she navigates the intriguing events occurring around her. Part of the Corinna Chapman’s Murder Mysteries series.

A Deepe Coffyn by Janet Laurence

For a gathering of The Society of Historical Gastronomes, Darina Lisle has been requested to provide catering. She has prepared a wide variety of excellent meals, including salmagundis and a deepe coffyn, for a weekend symposium on food from the past. The attendant foodies’ professional rage, however, takes on a more ominous connotation when the chairman is discovered dead after being stabbed multiple times with a boning knife. There are valid reasons for ex-lovers, envious coworkers, and an author who has been plagiarized to dislike the victim’s success. Darina, who is also being investigated, makes it her mission to clear her name by identifying the real culprit. Part of The Darina Lisle Mystery Series.

The Castle Mystery by Faith Martin

Jenny Starling has her dream job of cooking for Lord and Lady Avonsleigh in a real castle. Then a staff member is discovered in the conservatory with a knife wound to the heart, killed with a magnificently jeweled dagger that is one of the castle’s treasures. Jenny must become an reluctant amateur detective when ady Avonsleigh insists she works with the police to identify the murderer. But given that the murder was done in front of numerous trustworthy witnesses, none of whom saw a thing, how can Jenny solve this case? Part of the Jenny Starling Mystery Series.

Meet Your Baker by Ellie Alexander

Juliet Montague Capshaw, a romantic pastry chef, has come home to Ashland, Oregon, where the Oregon Shakespeare Festival is currently taking place, to mend her broken heart and assist in managing Torte, the family’s artisan bakery. However, there is a lot of talk about murder when one of Torte’s clients turns up dead. Nancy Hudson, a recent addition to the festival’s board, is the victim. This modern-day Lady Macbeth has given sufficient justifications to murder her, yet still. The bright side? Thomas, Jules’s high school sweetheart, is the case’s investigator. Although murder may not be good for business, love is the best sweetener of all. Part of A Bakeshop Mystery Series.

Deadly Inside Scoop by Abby Collette

Bronwyn “Win” Crewse is ready to embark on a new chapter of her life by taken over her family’s ice cream shop in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. Following her big renovation, her grand opening takes a chilling turn when a local handyman is found dead inside the shop’s freezer. In an effort to clear her identity and preserve the reputation of her family, Win delves into the frigid secrets of her small, close-knit village . She unearths a labyrinth of falsehoods, covert intentions, and long-buried secrets with a scoop of courage, a dash of tenacity, and a sprinkling of sleuthing. As the temperature rises, Win must quickly unravel the mystery before she becomes the next target. Part of the Ice Cream Parlor Mystery Series.

The Gourmet Detective by Peter King

Meet the renowned food connoisseur simply known as the Gourmet Detective. For competing restaurateurs, he hunts out obscure ingredients and deciphers challenging recipes—until an unexpected guest passes away. The Gourmet Detective searches for the murderer among bowls of Madeira sauce and omelettes Bourguignonne using both his investigation and culinary skills. Bon Appétit! Part of The Gourmet Detective Mystery Series.

Aunty Lee’s Delights by Ovidia Yu

Rosie Lee, a resilient widow, defies conventional expectations by transforming herself into the formidable proprietor of Aunty Lee’s Delights, a renowned restaurant serving wonderful Singaporean cuisine, in the bustling streets of Singapore. When a body is discovered in a popular tourist spot and a renowned guest goes without a trace, Aunty Lee suspects a connection. To resolve this case, Aunty Lee becomes embroiled with her stepson Mark, his ambitious wife Selina, a forbidden love, and an elderly Australian couple whose intentions may be more sinister than meets the eye. Aunty Lee’s acute instincts and broad network of connections become crucial in uncovering the truth behind the murder, working alongside the tenacious rookie Police Commissioner Raja. Part of the Singaporean Mystery Series.

Catering to Nobody by Diane Mott Davidson

Goldy, a Colorado caterer, finds herself catering a mournful wake, making an appealing feast to console the forty attendees. Her culinary endeavors, however, take a frightening turn when her ex-father-in-law, Fritz Korman, is inexplicably killed, and Goldy is named as the primary suspect, accused of poisoning the menu. Goldy discovers a simmering stew of family secrets and unpalatable truths that could make her the next target of a violent killer, with the Department of Health collecting her leftovers and her ex-husband prepared to condemn her. Goldy, determined to clear her identity and reveal the genuine perpetrator, unravels a web of lies while preventing her own life from becoming the main course in a lethal game of murder. Part of the Goldy Bear Catering Mystery Series.

Killer in the Kitchen by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

Jessica enjoys the Fin & Claw restaurant, which is owned by Brad and Marcie, a young Cabot Cove couple. The restaurant is the couple’s dream come true, but it is swiftly turning into a nightmare. Gérard Leboeuf, a renowned chef, has decided to create his bistro just next door to theirs. Given the competition, the pleasant chef’s demeanor quickly deteriorates. Tensions escalate until they explode, resulting in a heated confrontation between Leboeuf and Brad. When one of the chefs is discovered with a knife in his chest, the other becomes the major suspect. But there is a long list of individuals with a reason to kill in this kitchen war, and it is up to Jessica to figure out who put murder on the menu. Part of Murder, She Wrote, though food is mostly not part of the mystery.