9 Halloween Cozy Mysteries for a Spooky Night In

This is the time of year when you make a cup of pumpkin spice hot chocolate and grab a cozy wool blanket to read a cozy mystery set around Halloween.

The holidays and motifs of the seasons are frequently included in cozy mysteries, and Halloween offers a wonderful setting for a captivating, humorous, or even mystical mystery. Then, our amateur detective must cope with Halloween-themed events including costume parties, pumpkin carving competitions, haunted homes, and other festive customs.

To help you get into the Halloween spirit, here is a selection of cozy mystery books set around Halloween

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15 Minutes of Flame by Christin Brecher

When Stella’s friend inherits an abandoned home in Nantucket, she sees an opportunity to host the town’s annual Halloween fundraiser in the perfect spine-chilling setting. However, as Stella ventures into the dilapidated shack, she stumbles upon a horrifying secret: the remains of a Quaker woman. Unraveling the murder mystery may involve delving into a scorching 18th-century love triangle that pitted two best friends against each other. But before the truth is unveiled, another life hangs in the balance, leaving Stella uncertain about who among Nantucket’s inhabitants is a friend and who is a foe. Part of Nantucket Candle Maker Mystery Series.

Closely Harbored Secrets by Bree Baker

When Lila Macapagal returns to her small hometown, she takes over her family’s Filipino restaurant, only to become embroiled in a perplexing case of food poisoning that jeopardises her reputation. Lila sets out to find the truth behind the contaminated meals with the help of her friends and a gorgeous food critic, unearthing family secrets and murderous motives along the way. Part of the Tita Rosie’s Kitchen Mystery Series.

Death overdue by Allison Brook

Charm, a small island in North Carolina, is bustling with Halloween decorations as the holiday draws near. Everly Swan, owner of an iced tea store, grudgingly agrees to help her aunts plan their yearly haunted historical walking tour. But when one of the ghostly players is found dead, the evening takes a dark turn. The victim’s eerie carving of Everly’s name into the ground before she died further complicated the situation. Detective Grady, strongly advises Everly not to interfere, however, with a local election approaches, unsettling ghosts prowl, and a hunt for hidden wealth gets underway, Everly cannot help but feel the temptation to stir the pot. Part of the Seaside Café Mystery Series.

The Ghost and Mrs. Mewer by Krista Davis

At the Sugar Maple Inn, Holly Miller finds herself surrounded by a group of ardent believers. In order to look into local paranormal lore, the TV show Apparition Apprehenders has arrived during Wagtail’s annual Halloween celebrations. Holly is in charge of making sure the ghost hunters have a spine-tinglingly enjoyable time in her capacity as host. The excitement quickly turns spooky when Holly’s trusty Jack Russell, Trixie, and mischievous kitten, Twinkletoes, discover the dead corpse of a young lady in the hotel’s bathhouse—the precise location supposed to be haunted. Holly embarks on a race against the clock to unmask the flesh-and-blood killer, determined to solve the mystery before another resident of Wagtail meets a ghostly fate. Part of A Paws & Claws Mystery Series.

Hallowe’en Party: A Hercule Poirot Mystery by Agatha Christie

A feisty thirteen-year-old named Joyce claims to have seen a murder during a Halloween party. She furiously flees for home after being rejected by doubters. But after a short while, her lifeless body is found inside the house, drowned in an apple-bobbing bathtub. Hercule Poirot is called to the scene and sets out to find the “evil presence” that may be present. Poirot must first decide whether he is looking for a single killer or the potential of a double homicide before he can start his investigation. Part of the Hercule Poirot Series.

Haunted Hibiscus by Laura Childs

Theodosia Browning and her tea sommelier, Drayton, travel to the old Bouchard Mansion in Charleston for the opening of a literary and historical haunted house the week before Halloween. The party takes a nasty turn when author Willow French is flung from the tower chamber and left dangling by a rope amid a merry crowd of costumed people. Timothy Neville asks Theodosia to look into the situation as the police hurry in and Detective Pete Riley is wounded. Theodosia takes on the murder investigation with a list of suspects and a series of secrets around the estate while balancing tea events and the spooky mood of Halloween. Part of A Tea Shop Mystery series.

Ink and Shadows by Ellery Adams

Famous for her eye-catching window displays, Nora Pennington decided to include well-liked literary heroines in her Halloween decorations at Miracle Books. The mystical themes, however, offend a conservative organisation, which goes on a modern-day witch hunt and turns friends and clients against Nora and her store. Nora and her allies from the Secret, Book, and Scone Society are working together to bring about peace, but their efforts are derailed when a life is unexpectedly taken. Before it’s too late and they are all plagued by the truth, it falls to Nora and the Secret, Book, and Scone Society to figure out the clues. Part of A Secret, Book, and Scone Society series.

Pumpkin Hollow Mystery Series by Kathleen Suzette

Not one book, but a whole series that takes place in a town celebrating Halloween all year long! All begins in Candy Coater Murder, the first book in the series who sees Mia Jordan returned home after a ten-year absence. When she learns that a neighbour has been killed, the town’s annual Halloween celebration is threatened. Can Mia catch the killer in time to preserve the town’s Halloween celebration?

Trick or Treachery by Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

In Cabot Cove, it’s late October, and as Halloween draws near, there’s a weird feeling in the air. Some town residents are on the lookout for curses and bad omens due to the arrival of a self-righteous spiritual medium; others are whispering that a reclusive, eccentric woman is a real-life witch; and Jessica Fletcher is frantically looking for the ideal costume for the upcoming annual Halloween party. When the supposed witch turns up dead in the cemetery and everyone at the party is now a suspect, the entire village becomes terrified. Jess decides to investigate the witches’ brew of motivations on her own, coming up with a plan of her own to prevent a murderer from escaping justice. Part of Murder, She Wrote series.


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