Agatha Christie’s Hercule Poirot Series in Order

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His name is Hercule Poirot and he is probably the greatest detective in the world.

Reading Hercule Poirot Series in Order

Hercule Poirot was created by Agatha Christie. Since 2014, the Christie estate commissioned Sophie Hannah to write original stories in the Poirot canon.

Hercule Poirot Books written by Agatha Christie

1. The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1920)
2. Murder on the Links (1923)
2.1. While the Light Lasts (short stories) (1997)
2.2. Poirot Investigates (short stories) (1924)
2.3. Poirot’s Early Cases (short stories) (1974)
3. The Murder of Roger Ackroyd (1926)
4. The Big Four (1927)
5. The Mystery of the Blue Train (1928)
6. Black Coffee (play novelisation by Charles Osborne) (1997)
7. Peril at End House (1932)
8. Lord Edgware Dies (1933)
9. Murder on the Orient Express (1934)
10. Three Act Tragedy (1935)
11. Death in the Clouds (1935)
11.1. Poirot and the Regatta Mystery (short story) (1936)
12. The ABC Murders (1936)
13. Murder in Mesopotamia (1936)
14. Cards on the Table (1936)
14.1. Problem at Pollensa Bay (short stories) (1991)
14.2. Murder in the Mews (four novellas) (1937)
15. Dumb Witness (1937)
16. Death on the Nile (1937)
17. Appointment with Death (1938)
18. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (1938)
19. Sad Cypress (1940)
20. One, Two Buckle my Shoe (1940)
21. Evil Under the Sun (1941)
22. Five Little Pigs (1943)
23. The Hollow (1946)
23.1. The Labours of Hercules (short stories) (1947)
24. Taken at the Flood (1948)
25. Mrs McGinty’s Dead (1952)
26. After the Funeral (1953)
27. Hickory Dickory Dock (1955)
28. Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly (2014)
29. Dead Man’s Folly (1956)
30. Cat Among the Pigeons (1959)
30.1. The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding (short stories) (1960)
31. The Clocks (1963)
32. Third Girl (1966)
33. Hallowe’en Party (1969)
34. Elephants Can Remember (1972)
35. Curtain: Poirot’s Last Case (1975)

This listing is comprised of short story collections published in the UK. There are other collections available in the US, collecting in a different way the Hercule Poirot short stories. Here’s the listing:

1. Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (1950)
2. The Under Dog and Other Stories (1951)
3. Double Sin and Other Stories (1961)
4. The Harlequin Tea Set (1997)

The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, a Hercule Poirot story.

Hercule Poirot Books written by Sophie Hannah

1. The Monogram Murders (2014)
2. Closed Casket (2016)
3. The Mystery of Three Quarters (2018)
4. The Killings At Kingfisher Hill (2020)
5. Hercule Poirot’s Silent Night (2023)

Reading Hercule Poirot: Should I read in Publication Order or Chronological Order?

In general, you can read the Hercule Poirot stories in any order you want, though some previous cases are referenced in other books. For a better experience, we chose to follow The Agatha Christie website’s recommendations on the subject (no doubt, they know what they’re talking about!).

They also give some suggestions to avoid any kind of spoilers:

1. If you read all the stories, you must read Curtain last.
2. Lord Edgware Dies should be read prior to After the Funeral.
3. Cat Among the Pigeons should be read prior to Hallowe’en Party.
4. The plot of Mrs McGinty’s Dead is discussed in Hallowe’en Party and Elephants Can Remember, so it’s better to read the former book before the other two.
5. Elephants Can Remember also make references to Five Little Pigs and Hallowe’en Party. So read those two books first.
6. Murder on the Orient Express should be read prior to Cards on the Table.
7. Hercule Poirot’s Christmas contains spoilers about Three Act Tragedy.

Though it has no influence on your reading experience, these few tidbits can also help you to avoid some confusion:

Hercule Poirot and the Greenshore Folly was first written in 1954, but was never published in its original form. It serves as the basis for Dead Man’s Folly. To mark its 60 years since it was written, the novella was finally published.

The short story Christmas Adventure, published in 1923, is an early version of the more detailed and long story The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding and some details are different. The latter has also been published under the title The Theft of the Royal Ruby.

The Story of the Hercule Poirot Series

Hercule Poirot is the world-renowned, mustachioed Belgian private detective, unsurpassed in his intelligence and understanding of the criminal mind, respected and admired by police forces and heads of state across the globe.

He is famous for his use of “the little grey cells” and “order and method” to resolve a murder. He established himself as a psychological detective, instead of a clue-based one. He has a penchant for hiding important details of his plans.

Hercule Poirot can be invited to investigate or present when a crime occurs. In all cases, you can be sure he will find the culprit.

Who is the author of the Hercule Poirot Series?

Hercule Poirot was created by British writer Agatha Christie, and he is one of her most famous characters with Miss Marple.

Born in 1890 in Torquay, Agatha Christie was born into a wealthy upper-middle-class family and was home-schooled. She wrote her first story at 18, but her first book was published after several rejections.

She became, and still is, a best-selling novelist, having sold over a billion copies in the English language and a billion in translation.

This famous whodunit writer has also a mystery attached to her name: in December 1926, Agatha Christie mysteriously vanished from her home in southern England. She was discovered in a northern spa eleven days later, claiming to have amnesia.

She died on January 12, 1976, at age 85.

How many Hercule Poirot books are there?

Between 1920 and 1975, Hercule Poirot appeared in 33 novels, 2 plays, and 54 short stories.

As of 2022, we can also add the four new Hercule Poirot stories written by Sophie Hannah to this list.

Is there an adaptation of Hercule Poirot?

Being a very popular character, Hercule Poirot has been portrayed on radio, in film, and on television by more than 40 actors.

English-American Charles Laughton was the first to portray Poirot on stage in 1928, while Irish actor Austin Trevor was the first actor to portray the detective on screen, but without his mustache!

The portrayal of Hercule Poirot on screen took a turn in 1974, thanks to Albert Finney, the youngest Hercule Poirot who played him at 38 in Murder On The Orient Express. He was nominated for an Oscar and a Bafta for his depiction.

As Finney didn’t reprise the role for the big screen, he was followed by actor Peter Ustinov who became quite popular and played the characters in three movies and three TV film adaptations.

One of the most iconic portrayals of Hercule Poirot is simply David Suchet for the TV Series, a role he has played for 24 years, for 70 TV adaptations.

Today, Kenneth Branagh has taken charge of the new movie adaptations of Hercule Poirot, having directed and played the lead role in three movies, Murder on the Orient Express, Death on the Nile, and A Haunting in Venice.