Karen Rose Books in Order, the Romantic Suspense Series

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The Romantic Suspense series is also known as the Karen Rose Universe as all her books are connected with a set of characters and locations.

Reading Karen Rose Series in Order

The Karen Rose Universe consists of various series, each one set in a different city. But all the books are connected, and it is advised to follow the publication order to discover the story and avoid spoilers.

Karen Rose Books in Publication Order

Don’t Tell (2003) (Chicago)
Have You Seen Her? (2004) (Raleigh)
I’m Watching You (2004) (Chicago)
Nothing to Fear (2005) (Chicago)
Dirty Secrets (2005) (St. Petersburg, Florida)
You Can’t Hide (2006) (Chicago)
Count to Ten (2007) (Chicago)
Die for Me (2007) (Philadelphia)
Scream for Me (2009) (Philadelphia)
Kill for Me (2009) (Philadelphia)
I Can See You (2009) (Minneapolis)
Silent Scream (2010) (Minneapolis)
You Belong to Me (2011) (Baltimore)
No One Left to Tell (2012) (Baltimore)
Did You Miss Me? (2012) (Baltimore)
Broken Silence (2013) (Baltimore)
Watch Your Back (2013) (Baltimore)
Closer Than You Think (2014) (Cincinnati)
Alone in the Dark (2015) (Cincinnati)
Every Dark Corner (2016) (Cincinnati)
Monster in the Closet (2017) (Baltimore)
Edge of Darkness (2018) (Cincinnati)
Death Is Not Enough (2018) (Baltimore)
– Peace & Joy (2018, short story) (Chicago)
Say You’re Sorry (2019) (Sacramento)
Into the Dark (2019) (Cincinnati)
– Valentine’s Day (2020, short story) (Cincinnati)
– Trick or Treat (2020, short story) (Cincinnati)
Say No More (2020) (Sacramento)
– O Holy Night (2020, short story) (Philadelphia)
Say Goodbye (2021) (Sacramento)
– Doing the Monster Mash (2021, short story) (Sacramento)
– A Totally Perfect Day (2021, short story) (Baltimore)
– New Beginnings (2022, short story) (Chicago)
Quarter to Midnight (2022) (New Orleans)
Cold-Blooded Liar (2023) (San Diego)

Romantic Suspense Series: City by City


Don’t Tell (2003)
I’m Watching You (2004)
Nothing to Fear (2005)
You Can’t Hide (2006)
Count to Ten (2007)


Have You Seen Her? (2004)

St. Petersburg, Florida

Dirty Secrets (2005, novella)


Die for Me (2007)
Scream for Me (2009)
Kill for Me (2009)


I Can See You (2009)
Silent Scream (2010)


You Belong to Me (2011)
No One Left to Tell (2012)
Did You Miss Me? (2012)
Broken Silence (2013, novella)
Watch Your Back (2013)
Monster in the Closet (2017)
Death Is Not Enough (2018)


Closer Than You Think (2014)
Alone in the Dark (2015)
Every Dark Corner (2016)
Edge of Darkness (2018)
Into the Dark (2019)


Say You’re Sorry (2019)
Say No More (2020)
Say Goodbye (2021)

New Orleans

Quarter to Midnight (2022)

San Diego

Cold-Blooded Liar (2023)

More about The Romantic Suspense series

The Story of The Romantic Suspense series by Karen Rose

All the books written by Karen Rose are part of her Romantic Suspense series, and are linked by location and recurring characters. The stories

Does The Romantic Suspense series need to be read in order?

It would be more fun to read the Romantic Suspense series in order to appreciate characters’ appearances from previous books moreand to limit mild spoilers.

That said, most of the books in the series are written as standalone.

How many books are there in The Romantic Suspense series?

There are currently 29 novels and several short stories in the Romantic Suspense Series, with the 29th announced to be published in 2023. The series is still ongoing.

Where can I find Karen Rose’s short stories?

Karen Rose releases her short stories in her newsletter first, before putting them on her website. You can find them all on this page.

Is there an adaptation of Karen Rose’s books?

Not all book series are destined to be adapted as movies, TV Shows, radio dramas, or others. As of today, at least, there is no adaptation of the Romantic Suspense Series.

About Karen Rose

Karen Rose is a romantic suspense writer. Born and raised in Baltimore, she studied Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland and first worked as an engineer for a large consumer goods company.

Karen Rose wrote stories when she was a little girl, but started to write a lot more in her late twenties. Her debut novel, Don’t Tell, was released in 2003 and she never stopped writing since.

She lives in Florida with her husband of more than 30 years.