Mary Poppins Books in Order: Discover P.L. Travers’ Classic Novels

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Mary Poppins is a children’s book series written by Australian-British author P.L. Travers between 1934 and 1988, with illustrations from Mary Shepard.

Reading the Mary Poppins series in Order

The stories revolve around Mary Poppins, a magical English nanny who is carried by the East wind to Number 17 Cherry Tree Lane in London and into the Bankses’ family to care for their children. There are encounters with sidewalk painters and shops, as well as numerous adventures, until Mary Poppins unexpectedly disappears.

Only the first three books in the series show Mary Poppins arriving and departing, while the events in In the Park, In Cherry Tree Lane, and House Next Door all occur in the first three novels. A to Z consists of 26 vignettes that each tell a unique story about a different character from the books using words that begin with the letter that is being highlighted. Finally, Mary Poppins teaches the kids how to cook in the book In the Kitchen, which also provides recipes.

Mary Poppins (1934)
Mary Poppins Comes Back (1935)
Mary Poppins Opens the Door (1943)
Mary Poppins in the Park (1952)
Mary Poppins From A to Z (1962)
Mary Poppins in the Kitchen (1975)
Mary Poppins in Cherry Tree Lane (1982)
Mary Poppins and the House Next Door (1988)

More about Mary Poppins

Mary Poppins’ short profile

The archetypal English nanny, Mary Poppins, is a compelling blend of sternness and compassion. She has a captivating sense of enchantment and perfect self-control, and she always wears her signature sensible hat and parrot umbrella.

Mary Poppins is renowned for her enjoyable adventures and the ability to teleport effortlessly to any chosen location. She is compassionate and kind to the kids in her care, but she also has the ability to be stern when necessary.

Grace and skill are embodied by Mary Poppins. Mary Poppins is shown as being tall and slim, with short black hair, huge blue eyes, a snub nose, and a prim, pursed lips. Her image was based on a Dutch doll.


The book’s success led to several adaptations. The most well known adaptation is the classic 1964 Disney musical film Mary Poppins, directed by Robert Stevenson and starring Julie Andrews as Mary Poppins and Dick Van Dyke as Bert. Live action and animation were blended in the film, which also included well-known songs like “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” and “A Spoonful of Sugar.” Five Academy Awards were given to the film, including Best Actress for Julie Andrews.

Decades later, a sequel titled Mary Poppins Returns was released in 2018, directed by Rob Marshall and starring Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins and Lin-Manuel Miranda as Jack, a lamplighter.

In 2004, Mary Poppins also became the star of a stage musical written by Julian Fellowes with new songs from the Sherman Brothers. The production is a mix between the books and the Disney film. It found success in the West End and on Broadways and has since become a popular choice for schools and community theaters to produce.

Emily Blunt as Mary Poppins in ‘Mary Poppins returns’.

More About P.L. Travers

born Helen Lyndon Goff on August 9, 1899, in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia, P.L. Travers was a famous novelist best known as the creator of the popular character of Mary Poppins.

Her writing was first published as a teen, and she also briefly worked as a professional Shakespearean actress. When she immigrated to England at the age of 25, she acquired the name “Pamela Lyndon Travers” and began writing the first Mary Poppins novel under the pen name P. L. Travers in 1933. She went on to create seven more novels about Mary Poppins, establishing a beloved series that delighted both children and adults.

Travers was known for her determination and independence, and she was frequently involved in the creative process of translating her works for theatre and cinema. Her cooperation with Walt Disney on the 1964 film adaptation of “Mary Poppins” was noted for its creative disagreements, with Travers first hesitant but later granting her consent. This story is fictionalized in the 2013 movie Saving Mr. Banks starring Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers.

in addition to Mary Poppins, Travers authored numerous novels, short tales, and non-fiction works. She tackled subjects such as mythology, spirituality, and the creative process.

On April 23, 1996, P.L. Travers passed away in London, England. Her invention, Mary Poppins, has captivated readers and audiences all around the world for decades and continues to be a timeless representation of enchantment, creativity, and the power of storytelling.


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