Practical Magic, the Book Series by Alice Hoffman

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The Practical Magic series is a magic realism series written by Alice Hoffman about the women in the Owens family.

Reading the Practical Magic Series in Order

There are two ways to read the series. You can read them in the order they were written or you can read them in chronological order.

Practical Magic Books in Publication Order

Practical Magic (1995)
The Rules of Magic (2017)
Magic Lessons (2020)
The Book of Magic (2021)

Practical Magic Books in Chronological Order

Magic Lessons (2020)
The Rules of Magic (2017)
Practical Magic (1995)
The Book of Magic (2021)

More about the Practical Magic series

The Story of Practical Magic

The women in the Owens family are witches, but magic doesn’t resolve their problems, certainly not when it comes to love, as the family line has been cursed by one of their ancestors.

The series explores the Owens family and the relationship between the women — between sisters, between mothers and daughters, between nieces and aunts, and between friends, as would say Alice Hoffman herself.

Navigating between family, sisterhood, and love with a touch of magic, it’s also a story about learning to know yourself, embracing who you are, and doing what you want without hurting anyone.

Does the Practical Magic series need to be read in order?

There is no obligation to read the series in order. After all, the books haven’t been written in chronological order!

It’s up to you to choose if you prefer a chronological or publication order!

How many books are there in the Practical Magic series?

The Practical Magic consists of four novels, with The Book of Magic (2021) serving as a conclusion for the series.

Where did the Owens family come from?

In an interview for Entertainment Weekly, author Alice Hoffman remarks that she found the drawing of a witch that she did when she was in first grade.

She said: “There’s a reason why little girls especially are interested in witches, and it’s that witches are the only female mythic figure that have power. It’s really about the power of women in a man’s world.”

Is there an adaptation of the Practical Magic book series?

Practical Magic, the first novel in the series, has been adapted into a 1998 movie adaptation starring Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman. The movie is considered a cult classic.

There have been two tentative to adapt the series for television. The first one in 2004, when Warner Bors and CBS commissioned a pilot named Sudbury starring Kim Delaney and Jeri Ryan. It was not picked up.

A few years later, in 2010, a prequel television series was in development at Warner Bros. and ABC Family but the project never came to fruition.

Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock in ‘Practical Magic’

About the author of the Practical Magic series

Who is Alice Hoffman?

Alice Hoffman was born March 16, 1952 in New York City and grew up on Long Island.
She earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from Adelphi University and received a Master of Arts in Creative Writing.

Alice Hoffman published her first short fiction, At The Drive-In, in the literary magazine fiction when she was twenty-one and was studying at Stanford. She soon wrote her first novel, Property Of, published in 1977.

She has since published over thirty novels, three short story collections, and eight books for children and young adults. Her books have been translated into twenty languages.

What has Alice Hoffman written beyond the Practical Magic series?

Alice Hoffman is also known for her novel, The Dovekeepers (2011), a dramatization of the Siege of Masada through the lives of four women.

She also wrote The Marriage of Opposites (2015), a forbidden love story set on a tropical island in the early 1800s; The Museum of Extraordinary Things (2014), a mix of magic and romance; The Story Sisters (2009), charting the lives of three sisters.