Red Queen Book Series in Order, the dystopian-fantasy series by Victoria Aveyard

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Red Queen is a young adult dystopian-fantasy series written by Victoria Aveyard.

Reading the Red Queen Series in Order

You can read the Red Queen in publication order or in chronological order.

Red Queen Series in Publication Order

1. Red Queen (2015)
2. Glass Sword (2016)
3. King’s Cage (2017)
4. War Storm (2018)
4.5. Broken Throne (2019)

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Red Queen Series in Chronological Order

0.1. Queen Song (2015, novella)
0.2. Steel Scars (2016, novella)
1. Red Queen (2015)
2. Glass Swo
rd (2016)
3. King’s Cage (2017)
3.5 World Behind (novella)
4. War Storm (2018)
4.5. Iron Heart (novella)
4.6. Fire Light (novella)
4.7. Fare Well (novella)

The Story of Red Queen

Mare Barrow, a lowly Red in a world of red-blooded laborers and silver-blooded elites, thought she knew what her future held. But when she learns that her red blood has been disguising a secret ability, one usually reserved only for Silvers, her life is turned upside down.

How will the Silver ruling class keep her secret hidden from the increasingly restless Red population and their Scarlet Guard revolutionaries? And how will Mare use her sudden power to change the caste system, the kingdom, and the world—forever?

More about the Red Queen series

Reading the Red Queen: Should I read the Red Queen in Publication Order or Chronological Order?

For a first-time reader, it is generally recommended to read the Red Queen in publication order. Though two prequel novellas have been published between the first and the second book, both of them have been recently in the collection Broken Throne, and this is better to read them after the main series, as a companion piece.

How many books are there in the Red Queen series?

Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen series consists of four novels and one collection of novellas.

Where can I find Red Queen’s novellas?

All the novellas have been collected in Broken Throne. The book features three brand-new novellas, two previously published novellas, Steel Scars and Queen Song, and never-before-seen maps, flags, bonus scenes, journal entries, and much more.

You could also stumble into a book named Cruel Crown. It is a paperback bind-up of two novella-length prequels, Steel Scars and Queen Song, published in 2016.

Has the Red Queen books series ended?

Yes! The fourth novel, War Storm, was published in Mary 2018 and delivers a conclusion to the series.

Published after, Broken Storm is a companion piece to the series, a collection all the novellas taking place in the Red Queen Universe. Its reading is totally optional.

Is there an adaptation of the Red Queen book series?

A Red Queen TV adaptation is in development at Peacock. In May 2021, it was announced that Elizabeth Banks was attached to the project to direct and co-star in it.

About the author of the Red Queen series

Who is Victoria Aveyard?

Victoria Aveyard is an American writer of young adult and fantasy fiction, born in 1990. She studied screenwriting at the University of Southern California and wrote her first novel, Red Queen, after having graduated from college.

What has Victoria Aveyard written beyond the Red Queen series?

After the conclusion of Red Queen, writer Victoria Aveyard launched a new book series called Realm Breaker. The first novel was released in 2021.