The Enchanted Forest Chronicles Books in Order

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The Enchanted Forest Chronicles is a quirky cozy fantasy series written by Patricia C. Wrede for young readers – and adults!

Reading The Enchanted Forest Chronicles in Order

For adventures and magic with a rebellious princess, dive into The Enchanted Forest Chronicles in the company of Cimorene, a bored princess who decides to run away to live with a dragon – and discover the excitement she’s been seeking.

The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, The Books:

You’ll notice that Talking was first published in 1985, making the other three books prequel. This is no mistake, it was the first one written by Wrede, telling the story of Daystar, the son of Cimorene, as he goes to seek his own adventures and learn more about his mother’s past. The author made some revisions to the books after the other three were completed.

Dealing with Dragons (1990) —  also published under the title Dragonsbane
Searching for Dragons (1991) —  also published under the title Dragon Search
Calling on Dragons (1993)
Talking To Dragons (1985, revised 1995)
Book of Enchantments (1996) —  a Collection of short stories including three stories set in The Enchanted Forest.

The Short Stories associated to the The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

“The Improper Princess” —  originally published in the 1987 anthology Spaceships and Spells, Patricia C. Wrede expanded the story to novel length at the insistence of her editor at Harcourt. It became Dealing With Dragons.

The two following short stories are collected in Book of Enchantments (1996):

“The Princess, the Cat, and the Unicorn” — originally published in the anthology The Unicorn Treasury (1988) is set in the Enchanted Forest, but about unicorns instead of dragons
“Utensile Strength” — is set after the fourth book, Talking to Dragons and features Cimorene.

More About The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

About The Enchanted Forest and his rebellious heroine

Stepping into the Enchanted Forest reveals its unpredictable nature. To find your way around it, an enchanted map is essential in this magical place with some level of sentience and ever-changing geography. Getting lost is a possibility, but it won’t immediately pose mortal danger, especially in the Outer Forest. Things are more risky in the Deep Woods. Wherever you are, there’s still a risk of curses, enchantments, and kidnappings. Or simply being turned into a rock! Or eaten by a hungry animal!

The challenges extend beyond the forest to the Castle of the Enchanted Forest, where quirks abound. Numerous staircases lead nowhere, and accessing the dungeon is possible only from the sixth floor, making navigation within its walls equally whimsical and perplexing.

The Inspiration behind The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

Of course, The Enchanted Forest Chronicles owes much to the classic fairy tales, and the series turns the classic fairy tale tropes on their heads. Patricia C. Wrede has also written on her blog that “these books owe a lot to the Oz books and the “Fractured Fairy Tales” segment of the old “Rocky and Bullwinkle” cartoons, and they were great fun to write.”

Has The Enchanted Forest series ended?

For now, at least, but there could be a fifth book in the future! Patricia C. Wrede has hinted at a possible new book at some point, but that’s not on the calendar for the moment.

What to read after The Enchanted Forest Chronicles

By the same author

Shadow Magic (1982) was Patricia C. Werde’s first novel and also part of the Lyra series, consisting of five books that share a common setting in a world named Lyra. The stories are loosely connected and the books can be read in any order, though there are connections.

She has also co-written with Caroline Stevermer the Cecelia and Kate series, about cousins and best friends in an alternate Regency-era England where magic is an accepted part of society.

Other Cozy fantasy series to discover

The Howl’s Moving Castle series by Diana Wynne Jones, starting with the story of Sophie Hatter who finds herself cursed and turns into an old lady.
The Tales of the Frog Princess Series by E.D. Baker, about Princess Emma who, after kissing a Frog Prince, becomes a frog herself.
Castle Glower Series by Jessica Day George, about a self-rebuilding castle and the kids that guard it.