The House Witch Series, A Cozy Fantasy Adventure

Step into the enchanting realm of cozy fantasy with The House Witch series! A delightful blend of fantasy, romance, and mystery, The House Witch follows Finlay Ashowan, a witch with domestic powers serving as the royal cook.

He skillfully wards off curious souls while crafting and serving delicious meals. As his powers gradually come to light within the court, Fin finds himself entangled in royal affairs and navigating a love life that is becoming increasingly complicated.

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The House Witch Books in Order

The World of The House Witch is still expanding. As Delemhach (aka Emilie Nikota), the author of the series revealed on an AMA on Reddit, she would love to do 10 books. So following the information she gave, here’s our reading order:

The House Witch Trilogy

The House Witch and The Enchanting of the Hearth (2022)
The House Witch and The Charming of Austice (2022)
The House Witch and When The Cat Spells War (2023)

The semi-sequel The Princess of Potential

The Princess of Potential (2023)

The Burning Witch Trilogy

The Burning Witch (2023)
The Burning Witch 2 (2024)
The Burning Witch 3 (TBA)

The final Saga

As Delemhach indicated, the title for the last trilogy has not yet been released, but the author has confirmed it will follow Tamlin Ashowan!

The House Witch series is also available as audiobooks on Podium.

More About The House Witch and its spin-off series

What is a House Witch?

We let Fin, the House Witch of the title, explain himself what is a House Witch, as he answered this question to the king in the first book in the series:

A house witch. Or hearth witch if you prefer. My powers are
centered around the home. Food, protection, so on and so
forth: I can do a lot of things to make life comfier, and

What inspired The House Witch?

Delemhach answered this specific question on her AMA: “What specifically inspired The House Witch was one day I was cooking something (I don’t even remember what), and I just thought ‘Man, cooks in medieval times had to be strong to do this all the time’, and all of a sudden, I saw the kitchen in my mind. I knew the vibe, I knew the relationship dynamics… And it built from there. I wrote it during covid when I was bored and wanted something warm and fun. Little did I know it’d lead to some of my big dreams coming to light!”

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