Philippa Gregory’s The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels in Order

Philippa Gregory, called “the queen of royal fiction” by USA Today, is a famous writer of historical novels. Her best-known book is The Other Boleyn Girl, part of the Plantagenet and Tudor Book Series.

Originally, this big series was two separate ones called the Tudor Court and Cousins’ War. It’s all about the two British royal families during the 1430-1568 period. The stories in the books are told from a woman’s point of view.

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How to read The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels in Order

Philippa Gregory didn’t write the series in order of events. She began with the Boleyn sisters in The Other Boleyn Girl when delving into the Tudor era. This means you can read the books in any order because each one focuses on particular historical people and events.

The Plantagenet and Tudor novels in Publication order

The Other Boleyn Girl (2001)
The Queen’s Fool (2003)
The Virgin’s Lover (2004)
The Constant Princess (2005)
The Boleyn Inheritance (2006)
The Other Queen (2008)
The White Queen (2009)
The Red Queen (2010)
The Lady of the Rivers (2011)
The Kingmaker’s Daughter (2012)
The White Princess (2013)
The King’s Curse (2014)
The Taming of the Queen (2015)
Three Sisters, Three Queens (2016)
The Last Tudor (2017)

Philippa Gregory’s Suggested Reading order

Philippa Gregory has proposed a suggested reading order for her series following the historical timeline.

The Lady of the Rivers (Jacquetta of Luxembourg)
The White Queen (Elizabeth Woodville)
The Red Queen (Margaret Beaufort)
The Kingmaker’s Daughter (Anne Neville; featuring her sister Isabel)
The White Princess (Elizabeth of York)
The Constant Princess (Katherine of Aragon)
The King’s Curse (Margaret Pole)
Three Sisters, Three Queens (Margaret Tudor, featuring Mary Tudor and Katherine of Aragon)
The Other Boleyn Girl (Mary and Anne Boleyn)
The Boleyn Inheritance (Jane Boleyn, Anne of Cleves and Katherine Howard)
The Taming of the Queen (Kateryn Parr)
The Queen’s Fool (A young Jewish girl’s story of her service in the courts of Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I)
The Virgin’s Lover (Elizabeth I, Robert Dudley and Amy Robsart)
The Last Tudor (Jane, Katherine and Mary Grey)
The Other Queen (Mary, Queen of Scots, George Talbot and Bess of Hardwick)

The whole series is also available on audiobooks.

Navigating Historical Accuracy

While Philippa Gregory’s Plantagenet and Tudors novels delve into real historical figures and events, it’s important to never lose sight of the fact that she is writing novels and takes creative liberties. This is a subject she has been questioned about more than once. In an interview from 2015 in The Week, she discussed how she navigates between history and entertainment:

How do you navigate the line between staying historically accurate and telling the most compelling story?

Well, everybody has their own rules. My own rule is that if there is an established historical fact, you include it, and make it the basis for your story. When there’s a great big gap in the story, I go for what I judge to be the most likely explanation. When we simply don’t know… Then, I aim for the most likely explanation if we know, in a sense, the start and the end of this gap. Sometimes you’re writing a story in which you’re trying, in a sense, to be true to the characters that you perceive. For instance, I tend to think of Henry VII — and indeed, his son Henry VIII — as men who started off as pretty well-intentioned, but drifted toward paranoia — and in the case of Henry VIII, of outright madness. Now, that’s my take on him. You could find someone who doesn’t see that at all. But looking at the facts of his life, that’s how I read him. It’s a personal view. It’s always got to be a personal view.

Gregory has faced criticism on this specific matter from historians who challenge the accuracy of her writings, despite her insistence on their precision.


Several of her works has been adapted in movies or television series.

  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2003, TV), based on novel The Other Boleyn Girl Natascha McElhone as Mary Boleyn, Jodhi May as Anne Boleyn and Jared Harris as Henry VIII.
  • The Other Boleyn Girl (2008, movie), based on novel The Other Boleyn Girl with Natalie Portman as Anne Boleyn, Scarlett Johansson as Mary Boleyn. and Eric Bana as King Henry VIII.
  • The White Queen (2013, TV Series), based on novels The White Queen, The Red Queen and The Kingmaker’s Daughter with Rebecca Ferguson as Elizabeth Woodville, Amanda Hale as Margaret Beaufort and Faye Marsay as Anne Neville.
  • The White Princess (2017, TV Series), based on novel The White Princess with Jodie Comer as Elizabeth of York, Rebecca Benson as Margaret Plantagenet, and Jacob Collins-Levy as Henry VII
  • The Spanish Princess (2019-2020, TV Series), based on novels The Constant Princess and The King’s Curse with Charlotte Hope as Catherine of Aragon and Ruairi O’Connor as King Henry VIII

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