13 Witch Cozy Mystery Series for Magical Whodunits

From the legendary Merlin to the world of Harry Potter, the mystical has always held a special place in our imagination and in literature. In cozy mysteries, these magical elements bring an enchanting twist to the genre, offering a delightful blend of small-town charm, spellcasting, and intriguing puzzles.

In these enchanting tales, witches aren’t just brewing potions—they’re solving murders, uncovering secrets, and using their unique skills to restore harmony in their communities. Whether it’s a magical librarian piecing together clues or a witchy baker who brings a little extra magic to her recipes, these stories are as heartwarming as they are intriguing.

If you love a good mystery with a sprinkle of magic, you’ll find these witch cozy mysteries to be just what you need for a magical reading session. So light a candle, grab your favorite brew, and explore this selection of 13 witchy cozy mystery series.

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Witch City Mystery Series by Carol J. Perry

Welcome to Salem, Massachusetts, a town rooted in mystery and witchcraft! Carol J. Perry’s Witch City Mystery series follows Lee Barrett, a former television news anchor who returns to her hometown. However, Salem is more than simply a colourful historical site; it is also a city where unusual things happen. Lee, who works at the local cable channel WICH-TV, has her hands full solving crimes with a splash of the occult and psychic intuition. Helping her along the way are her Aunt Ibby, detective Pete Mondello, and her cat, O’Ryan, who seems to know more than a cat should.

An Abracadabra Mystery Series by Sharon Pape

In Sharon Pape’s Abracadabra Mystery series, Kailyn Wilde is a modern-day witch who runs a mystical shop called Abracadabra, where the potions and spells are as unique as the mysteries that come her way. With her magical cat, Sashkatu, and her great-uncle Merlin (yes, that Merlin), Kailyn is well-equipped to tackle whatever oddities pop up in town. Aunt Tilly, Kailyn’s spunky and wise aunt, is always nearby to lend a hand—or a spell—when things get complicated.

A Wiccan Wheel Mystery Series by Jennifer David Hesse

In Jennifer David Hesse’s Wiccan Wheel Mystery series, we enter the world of Keli Milanni, a young attorney by day and a practicing Wiccan by night. So When Keli’s not at the law firm, she’s working on her Wiccan rituals, celebrating the Wheel of the Year, and keeping her witchy side under wraps. But when crimes and murders start disrupting her town, Keli’s unique skills as a Wiccan give her an edge in uncovering the truth. Keli finds herself navigating both the legal world and the magical one, often finding that they overlap in unexpected ways.

Wicked Witches of Shadow Woods Series by Sara Bourgeois

Coming from Sara Bourgeois, The Wicked Witches of Shadow Woods series introduces us to Mercy Habernackle, a witch who recently returned to her hometown. Mercy is ready to settle into her magical roots, but life in Shadow Woods has a knack for conjuring up trouble. As she opens her own magical shop, she soon discovers that the town has more secrets than she’d imagined. With her witchy skills and a knack for solving crimes, she’s on a mission to keep Shadow Woods safe from both human and supernatural mischief.

Witches of the Pacific Northwest Series by Elena Blackwood

Meet Ariel Black, the city girl and heroine of Elena Blackwood’s Witches of the Pacific Northwest Series. When she inherits her grandmother’s bakery in the little town of Hallow’s Bend, she must deal with country living and family conflict. If that wasn’t enough, Grammy’s casket contains a real-life murder victim rather than her grandma. And just when Ariel believes things can’t get weirder, she learns she comes from a long line of powerful witches – and her family cat starts talking to her. With her bakery on line and danger lurking around every turn, Ariel must work together with her new furry companion and a few new acquaintances to solve this mystery before it’s too late.

Witch Way Librarian Mysteries Series by Angela M. Sanders

With a mix of witchcraft, books, and community, Angela M. Sanders’s Witch Way Librarian Mysteries series follows Josie Way, a librarian with witchy talents who relocates to a tiny Oregon town to run the local library. There, she uncovers secrets, solves puzzles, and uses her magical skills to navigate local intrigue. As she adjusts to her new life, she develops personal relationships with eccentric townspeople, all while researching the history and magical qualities of her surroundings.

Trouble Down Under series by P.A. Mason

Not all crimes are set in an American small town. Some mysterious things are also happening Down Unsder in the paranormal cozy mystery series by P.A. Mason. When her great aunt dies, green witch Kat Crowe travels all the way to Australia to see to her affairs. Little she knows at the time that this is the beginning of a brand new life with her cantankerous ginger feline familiar, Gus, and solving mysteries in the small town of Myrtleglen.

Ophelia & Abby Mystery Series by Shirley Damsgaard

Bewitched meets Murder She Wrote in Shirley Damsgaard’s Ophelia & Abby Mystery Series. But how are our two leading ladies? Ophelia Jensen is a thirty something small town librarian and reluctant psychic wants to live a quiet life, and her grandmother Abby, a benevolent witch. But a quiet life is not for them as threatening events keep coming up and the duo must use their special powers to keep themselves, and others, out of harm’s way.

Bewitching Mystery Series by Madelyn Alt

In The Bewitching Mystery Series by Madelyn Alt, Maggie O’Neill is a small-town woman who starts working at an antique shop with a twist—it’s run by a witch. As Maggie learns about witchcraft, she also gets drawn into solving local mysteries and crimes. Along the way, she meets a cast of quirky characters, explores her own latent magical talents, and navigates the ups and downs of her new life.

Witchcraft Mystery Series by Juliet Blackwell

Step into San Francisco’s Haight-Ashbury neighborhood, where vintage clothing, witchcraft, and mystery meet in Juliet Blackwell’s Witchcraft Mystery series. Lily Ivory, a natural-born witch with a talent for brewing potions and working with botanicals, has opened a vintage clothing shop called Aunt Cora’s Closet. This marks a turning point for Lily, as it’s the first place where she’s truly found a sense of community and belonging. But life in San Francisco comes with its own share of trouble, and it’s not just the supernatural kind. When bodies start turning up and mystical energies are on the rise, Lily finds herself at the center of it all…

Kitchen Witch Mystery Series by Lynn Cahoon

Amateurs of Culinary Cozy Mysteries searching to spice things up with a dash of magic, look no further than the Kitchen Witch Mystery Series by Lynn Cahoon. Mia Malone is a heroine with her own unique brand of culinary magic who relocates to her grandmother’s eccentric Idaho community, where magic is an open secret and witches and warlocks are (mostly) welcomed. She finds herself creating delicacies while casting around for clues to resolve crimes.

Wonky Inn Series by Jeannie Wycherley

Enter the Wonkieverse! Alfhild “Alf” Daemonne has long denied her magical lineage, but everything changes when she inherits an inn in an unusual English village where magic and the supernatural are commonplace. Alf is confronted with peculiar guests, mischievous spirits, and an array of mystical disasters. No surprise then that she found herself involved in solving mysteries while running her inn and learning her own magical background.

Magic & Mystery Series by Lily Webb

Searching for a more cozy-noir vibe? The Midnight Louie Mysteries series has it in spades! The story is told from the point of view of Feline PI and black cat Midnight Louie and his roommate Temple Barr, a 29-year-old Public Relations freelancer. The sleuthing duo lives in Las Vegas where they track killers, find themselves embroiled in blackmail and extortion, and more!

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